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Overeaters Anonymous & Me

Updated: Feb 7

The struggle is real. Trying to control compulsive eating behaviors is harder than quitting drinking. Here's what it is like for me.

Abstinence or Not

My eating history has been to eat all I want or diet (not eat).

Nothing in between. I have had no concern for nutrition. Binging was for food I like until I had to once again diet (never enough even if it was something I like ).

Staying on a food plan was only possible for a short time, as long as I could hold my breath.

Today I considered the word "abstinence." which means the practice of "restraining oneself."

To me that feels like forced compliance. I know I'm the one forcing, but still the small child inside me does not like being restrained.

Stay tuned for my adventure with food as nourishment, not punishment.


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