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What is a 12 - Step Program?
  • The original 12 Step program was Alcoholics Anonymous. Every 12 Step organization follows AA's basic program of recovery - the 12 Steps. 

  • All programs consider addiction a mental, spiritual and physical disease that can be overcome with the help of fellow addicts and a higher power as defined by the addict.

  • The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop the addictive behavior.

  • There are no dues or fees for membership.

  • 12 Step program members share their experience, strength and hope with each other in meetings and through sponsorship.

  • Anonymity is a spiritiual principle expressed in the meeting opening,  "What you see here, What you hear here, When you leave here, Let it stay here." .

  • 12 Step programs emphasize that continued abstinence depends on carrying the message of recovery to other still suffering addicts.

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