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Volunteer at Step Sisters Recovery Network

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On Call

On Call Phone Support

Join our volunteers who are willing to chat over the phone with women seeking support . We will match callers and Step Sister by program. Let us know when you are available and we will only contact you during that time. 

1 hour

Start a conversation by posting on the forum. Help us to engage visitors by sharing your thoughts and program. Start a conversation or two!

2 hours/week

Bingo Night Host & Helpers

Coordinate casual Bingo night to raise funds for website maintenance

2 hours/week

Tech Head

Add new content to site, field calls for support.

1 hour/week - 2 summer meetings

Workshop Leaders

We have the resources to host online or FTF workshops. Design and deliver content to enrich 12 step recovery. Examples of past or upcoming workshops are available on the Events page. 

1 hour/week - 2 summer meetings

Fall Retreat Committee Members

Help us make our fall retreat, Letting Go, a success. We need committed women to work together. Most of the retreat structure is already in place. As a committee member, you will help plan the retreat and be actively involved during the retreat weekend.

1 hour/week - 2 summer meetings

Fall Retreat Project Managers

Help plan and deliver the enrichrment activiites at the retreat. Yoga, crafts, etc. Suggest an activity and let's make it work. 

2 hours/week

Volunteer Coordinator

Recruit volunteers for On Call Phone Support and otther projects as needed. 

Communicators on Forums

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