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"Satisfaction, Inner Self and Broke Down Cars"

Addiction Substance Abuse Recovery for Women

helps women affected by addiction. We are volunteer women from 12 Step programs including Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon, Overeaters Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Codependents Anonymous and more, who connect online and at live events. We hope you will find information and inspiration to guide you in your recovery journey. 

Do You Need Help with Addiction? Answer These Questions to Find Out

Is addiction affecting your or your loved ones? Learn about the most common 12 Step Programs.

Just Between Us
thoughts - musings - things that we think and feel in recovery. a place to share whatever inspires or touches your heart and mind.



Your own or someone else's, can ruin lives. We have been in your shoes - uncertain, afraid, unhappy, yet not willing to give in the destruction that addiction brings. We understand how exhausting the struggle can be. So, we turned to a 12 Step program - AA, AlAnon, OA - or a similar support group that uses the 12 Steps as a road to recovery. And, quite simply, life changed for us. We did more than survive. We grew in strength, happiness, love and knowledge. If you need help with addiction - more importantly, if you WANT help - we invite you to check out 12 Step Programs. 

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